Clay Tile

For my clay tile I decided to use the image of a forest park/national park. I chose this scene for my tile because I thought it could give good additive and subtractive features with the trees, trail, and mountains. But over all the clay tile project was a way for students to explore an image and bring it to life with additive and subtractive features with also using our imagination. My clay tile represents place because it is a place in the world where I want to go and explore.

But between this tile project and the clay whistle project, I would have to say that the whistle was more difficult because with the whistle you had to first create the whistle and then think of a creative idea and build it off of the whistle without loosing the sound of your whistle. Where as the tile is just a flat piece of clay and you just sculpt by adding and taking away clay. But I do think that I enjoyed the clay whistle project because it did have a lot of detail and now o have a cool whistle that I can say I made. I found that finding a perfect image for my tile was a little hard. And also making the big tree in the foreground as well as the smaller trees in the middle ground were surprisingly difficult to make without the clay falling apart. And if part of it did fall apart it would either be very hard to put back together or I would have to get a new little piece to make a new little tree. But overall I throughly did enjoy this project and I love working with clay.