Final Wood Project

My final wood project was based around consumerism. This wood sculpture can be used as decoration or be used as display.


Clay Whistle

     For my clay whistle design and inspiration I decided to use a brown bear holding a bee hive, with three little bees flying around. My clay whistle, in my eyes, is successful because it does make a whistle which is a very low or deep beautiful sound to match its personality. Now that it’s painted, I think that it brings the bear to life and gives it a lot of characteristics. But some challenges when painting the whistle included the struggle of reaching the small cracks and crevices around the bear and also coloring the bees was hard too because they were so small. If I could start this project completely over I don’t really think that I would change anything at all other than maybe adding a little more detail  and making scratches in the surface of the clay to represent the fur. But other than that i love my whistle and the deep tone it makes to match its personality. Even though my bear has a personality it also has an and identity as a brown bear.

Pinch Pot Bowl

My pinch pot is simply made out of clay. To create the bowl I used the pinching method in order to make the pot, and then for the feet of my pot are just little cylinders attached as animal feet. My design I was going for was a pig with simple features such as, feet a nose and ears. Then I used the sgraffito technique to create little marks in the skin to look like the fine hairs pigs have. From my personal view, I think that the top bowl part is successful because it has a smooth top and edges as well as the clean and careful design on the outside. The idea of a pig to be a pinch pot bowl juxtaposes very well together because of the thought of a piggy bank. And the bowl can represent the bank part of the pig.

If I could start completely over on my pinch pot I think that I would change my design and make more of a sgraffito imprint instead of more clay appearance. And for the feet of the pot I would make more of s round or circular plain stand just to keep the base simple but the overall design more complex.




Artist Who Work in Wood

          The piece of artwork that I have decided to look more closely at is a beautiful wood sculpture,which are spheres, that are complicated in their own ways. These two hallow spheres presents on the outside many delicate and smooth circles that are placed with percision that compose the difference between the small and the larger circles surrounding the whole sphere. In addition the two spheres are made from local hardwood trees such as the Big Leaf Maple and also the Pacific Madrone. And because of the two different types of hardwood trees used I can only infer that this is the cause of the beautiful color difference between the two works of art.

          To my knowledge I think that these two pieces of artwork use the principals of shape, balance, and also texture. The wood spheres use the principals of shape to distinctively show their beautiful shape and how it was carfully carved. The principal of balance was in hand with these two pieces of work because of the distinguish and spread of the larger and smaller circles and how they vary around each other. And finally the principal of texture plays a role in this unique artwork because of the smooth and delicate movements from the carpenter.

          From how I view the artwork I think that these pieces would be a great use for decoration, maybe to hold something that would be genial on the piece but still prove a point. As I have stated before these spheres are made out of local hardwood trees like the Pacific Madrone and the Bug Leaf Maple too. And from my perspective I am thinking that it was a perfect idea to create artwork from hardwood because the explanation is in the name of the wood, hardwood, it is sturdier and tougher than other woods so it will present its shape and design better. Dale Larson, the creator of this art work and much more, has done an amazing job with the whole look, purpose, and function  of the items that he has made.

         In conclusion I think that these two spheres are both beautiful pieces of artwork that have great detail, craftsmanship, and time put into them. I overall loved taking a closer look at these pieces because it has showed me just how complicated they are and how hard they are to make. I would 100% recommend to anyone who wants to find some well made and authentic bowls, sphere artwork, and other wood sculptures to take a look into Dale Larson’s work and what he has done.

-Emma Fentz

Dale Larson’s website

Final Paper Sculpture Reflection Poverty

Instrumentalism Definition: Instrumentlism is an instrument or tool for some practical purpose, rather than in more absolute or ideal terms.

My final paper sculpture is a shadowbox made of paper, of course, and a few pieces of foam core on the edges. I decided not add any color to my shadow box because I wanted to keep it natural and personally I did’t think that the shadowbox needed it. In my artwork I used the elements of shape, movement, and a little bit of space to further contrast the meaning of Poverty around the world. I used shape in the shadowbox on all three of the layers creating the trees and grass, the people and pickax, and also the big bold letters that spelled out poverty in the front. As I have said briefly before, my shadowbox is representing the important cause of poverty. And I personally wanted to show in my artwork people helping one another to overcome the hardest moments in poverty. Finally I do think that my shadowbox does represent the problem of poverty very well, and the viewer is able to identify what the cause is.

Emma Fentz


Literary Shadowbox

My Literary Shadowbox is representing the important cause of poverty. It is completely made up of card stock and foam core. In my Shadowbox my last layer, the one that’s the darkest, is just words that spell out poverty. My second layer has three people struggling to get out of the “hole” that is poverty and attempt a chance at a better life and job. And my back and lightest layer is a simple tree line. In my project as a whole I used the principles of shape and form especially to contrast each layer from the other. Since my Shadowbox is made of paper materials and on the topic of poverty I think that together I represents the poor press that people in poverty face everyday. During my time in this assignment I have realized that cutting small shapes and delicate figures is something that I could consider as a strength and creating the outside cover all by myself was defiantly something that I would think of as a trouble or a weakness for myself. Finally looking back if I could change two things I would change how I cut out the letters in front and also the whole outside cover because in my eyes it looks a little sloppy and I could have done a little better if I would have asked for more help, But overall I am happy with my final results.

-Emma Fentz

Paper Home


For my model house I used the elements of shape, space and balance. These elements were used in my model by the complete shape or diaphragm of the house, space is used for the whole perimeter and area of and around the house, and balance is used because of the number of windows and doors that appear on the houses front and back.(also the side if your counting the garage door.)

The subject matter of this project is paper, as I’ve said many times before. This project represent of course my home and where I have grown up and have been living in my whole life. Some of my strengths for this project was being able to remember what my house looks like exactly, and a weakness would be cutting out the windows, door and getting all the little details the right size. And if I could redue this assignment I would make sure that it was neater and more carefully completed.