Noun Photoshoot Reflection

For this photoshoot I decided to choose the noun of Natures Architecture. To get pictures of natures architecture, I went around my yard and also around downtown Noblesville. To set up the scene for each photo I made sure that I had a close depth of field as well as no distractions in the background that would take away from the photo.

During this photoshoot I used the rules of avoiding distractions, close up, and focus point. I also used the elements of contrast and emphasis to make my photos more interesting.

For my subject matter I chose to use plants in nature but not ordinary pictures of nature; I decided to do close up pictures to display the make-up of nature and what it looks like closer than what the normal eye-level recognizes. In this assignment I incorporated my voice by taking pictures that interest me, as well as finding the aspects of nature that most people wouldn’t recognize or bother to take the time and explore. This assignment helped me view my world differently by showing me that even in the smallest things there is a subject that has more depth to it.

In this assignment I would say that my strengths would be the experience of exploring and finding new things in the area around me. But on the other hand I would say that my weaknesses in this assignment would be getting more close to the subject and making sure that I get a high definition picture that shows the full image in all aspects. If I could go back and change anything about this photoshoot I think I would change the areas that I took pictures in, such as branching off and going around to other towns or cities.



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