Parody Photoshoot Reflection

Dorothea Lange was my inspiration for this parody photoshoot with her documentation photographs of the Great Depression and World War 2. For this photoshoot I took pictures of things that I could document such as, my dad cutting down a tree, an old farm and also my cat walking through a field with tall brush. these pictures were all taken around my house in walking distance so it was fairly easy not having to travel too far. To set up the scene of my photos I tried to get all distractions out of the background of my photos, use good composition and also try and use the appeal of depression and curiosity.

I used the composition rule of close and far, not centering the subject, and also focal point to make my photos more appealing and interesting. I also used the elements of movement and unity to enhance my photos to be visually more like Dorothea’s.

For my subject matter, I tried to focus on documenting and keeping a mysterious or depressing feeling with the photos. To incorporate my voice as an artist I took many pictures around my house to show my personal life and what is going on in it. This assignment help me view the world differently by showing me that pictures can have a deeper meaning behind then to represent the artist and when they are coming from.

During this assignment I think that my strengths were creating a feeling behind the photos and also capturing moments. But on the other hand I think that my weaknesses in this photoshoot would be the variety of photos and the depth of field for each of the. I think this because I now realize that it is very hard to document new things when you don’t live in a city or when there is nothing really big happening in your city/town. If I could change anything in this assignment I would change the quality of my pictures and make them more unique than the one before it. I would also change the variety of my photos and try to capture more things happening around me that I could document, such as things in my school, church or at sports practices.

This is one of my favorite photos that I took behind my backyard.


This is one of Dorothea’s many iconic photos and one of my favorite as



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