ISO/ Lighting Photoshoot Reflection



From my ISO and Lighting photoshoot my favorite picture would have to be one of my indoor pictures of a small vase turned upside down with christmas lights inside of it. to take this picture I just used one of the setups in the back of my photography classroom and used the props I was given.


To make this image better I used getting close to pick up the details of the case and also focus point to get the camera and audience to focus on the lights and designs in the vase. I also used the elements of pattern and contrast between the lights and glass vase.


My subject matter, like I said previously, is a small glass vase that had christmas lights inside of it to make it glow and show all of the details the vase has. This image has my voice as an artist because it shows my favorite colors and I also love christmas and lights.


think that my strengths in this assignment would have to be getting some what of creative pictures and also getting a variety of pictures. but my weaknesses in this assignment would have to be getting used to the new camera controls and knowing exactly what brightness setting would be the best for either day time, indoors, and night time. If I could change one thing about this photoshoot I think that I would change the composition of my night time pictures and get new and more creative subject matters and also know how to use the night time lighting setting and high ISO better.


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