Shutter Speed/ Motion Photoshoot

From my Shutter Speed/ Motion Photoshoot my favorite photo was a picture of my neighbors dog wearing my older sisters black sunglasses. My neighbors were walking their dogs and my mom, older sister and I walked out and started talking to them, meanwhile my sister decided it would be a good idea to put her sunglasses on one of their dogs Cooper and take pictures of him and he was staying still and keeping them on surprisingly.

Throughout this photoshoot I used Getting Close and Point of Interest for my rules of composition to make my pictures more interesting. I used the element of Getting Close my getting down by the dogs face and on his level so the picture was more clear and focused on his face. And for Point of Interest, I got down on the gods level and mainly focused on his face because of his beautiful mixed eyes and also with the sunglasses on his face.

For my subject matter I decided to chose my neighbors dog, Cooper, because I thought that his eyes were a great focal point and it will draw the viewers eyes to his eyes and then across his face and then to the rest of his body. I incorporated my voice in my picture by showing how I love dogs and being outside and also socializing with my neighbors and family.

My strengths in this assignment would include the timing of the evening and the correct timing of the photo, but some weaknesses in this assignment that I had would include the controls of my camera, I had some trouble with the controls and what setting to be on and also how to successfully change the settings according to the timing of the day with the sun setting. And I’m not sure if I would really change anything about this picture, other than I wish the background was more blurred but other than that I was happy with the photo.



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