Depth of Field Photoshoot

My favorite photo from my Depth of Field Photoshoot has to be the picture of a straight shot down a street outside of my neighborhood. To set up my scene and take the photo I walked a little ways outside of my neighborhood and waited for a safe timeframe when there were no cars coming form either side and then I ran out into the middle of the street (not very safe) and lined my carmera up real quick and then snapped the picture and ran back to the side of the road.

To make my photo better I decided to use the elements of Leading lines and Close & Far. I used these principles to draw the viewers attention down the road and move all around the photo.

In this image I think that my voice in this image would represent where I live and also the fact that I run long distance and this is the type of place that I would love to run because it just keeps going. But sadly I haven’t run on this road even though its right outside my neighborhood because usually there can be a lot of groups of cars and its a pretty narrow road with no side banks or anything, so in other words its not safe at all. This assignment has helped me view the world around me differently because I’ve noticed that everything around me is beautiful and has a story.

My weaknesses in this assignment would be the fact that I, at first, didn’t understand the whole concept of Aperture and depth of field but now I do understand and know how to have a better great depth of field and also shallow depth of field too. If I could  change anything about this assignment I would change what time of the day I took this picture and also for some of my other great depth pictures I wish I would have taken different pictures than what I had already done.


(Original picture not this blurry, just had to screen shot)


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