Rules of Composition Photoshoot

My favorite photo from my Rules of Composition Photoshoot had to be my sunflower. To take the picture of the sunflower I just went to the garden in my backyard. Then to set up the scene and take the picture I just angled my camera so that I had no other distraction on the background except for the blue sky and other flowers in the foreground.

When using the Rules of Composition, I feel that it makes my pictures better because there is more of a focus and a clear point of interest that I want the viewer to see. For this photo I used the elements shape, color and a little texture and for the principles I used emphasis and pattern, from the flower petals.

Like I said above, I chose my subject matter to be a single sunflower against the blue sky. This assignment has helped me view the world differently by showing me how to focus on multiple variations of objects and how to properly and clearly show my visions and thoughts about the world through my photos.

With this assignment some of my strengths included having a sister who had already taken the class, a very nice Canon DSLR camera and also having taking photography in 4H for around 7 years now. But my weaknesses are that I have never really thought about encourpreting the elements and principles into my photography and just learning them this year. Another weakness is that I don’t completely know how to use my camera to it’s full potential so i dont know how to work the different settings yet but am still learning from my sister and teacher.



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