Final Paper Sculpture Reflection Poverty

Instrumentalism Definition: Instrumentlism is an instrument or tool for some practical purpose, rather than in more absolute or ideal terms.

My final paper sculpture is a shadowbox made of paper, of course, and a few pieces of foam core on the edges. I decided not add any color to my shadow box because I wanted to keep it natural and personally I did’t think that the shadowbox needed it. In my artwork I used the elements of shape, movement, and a little bit of space to further contrast the meaning of Poverty around the world. I used shape in the shadowbox on all three of the layers creating the trees and grass, the people and pickax, and also the big bold letters that spelled out poverty in the front. As I have said briefly before, my shadowbox is representing the important cause of poverty. And I personally wanted to show in my artwork people helping one another to overcome the hardest moments in poverty. Finally I do think that my shadowbox does represent the problem of poverty very well, and the viewer is able to identify what the cause is.

Emma Fentz



Author: emmafentzblog

My name is Emma Fentz, I am a student at Noblesville High School and my I love building and sculpting with clay.

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