Literary Shadowbox

My Literary Shadowbox is representing the important cause of poverty. It is completely made up of card stock and foam core. In my Shadowbox my last layer, the one that’s the darkest, is just words that spell out poverty. My second layer has three people struggling to get out of the “hole” that is poverty and attempt a chance at a better life and job. And my back and lightest layer is a simple tree line. In my project as a whole I used the principles of shape and form especially to contrast each layer from the other. Since my Shadowbox is made of paper materials and on the topic of poverty I think that together I represents the poor press that people in poverty face everyday. During my time in this assignment I have realized that cutting small shapes and delicate figures is something that I could consider as a strength and creating the outside cover all by myself was defiantly something that I would think of as a trouble or a weakness for myself. Finally looking back if I could change two things I would change how I cut out the letters in front and also the whole outside cover because in my eyes it looks a little sloppy and I could have done a little better if I would have asked for more help, But overall I am happy with my final results.

-Emma Fentz


Author: emmafentzblog

My name is Emma Fentz, I am a student at Noblesville High School and my I love building and sculpting with clay.

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