Paper Home


For my model house I used the elements of shape, space and balance. These elements were used in my model by the complete shape or diaphragm of the house, space is used for the whole perimeter and area of and around the house, and balance is used because of the number of windows and doors that appear on the houses front and back.(also the side if your counting the garage door.)

The subject matter of this project is paper, as I’ve said many times before. This project represent of course my home and where I have grown up and have been living in my whole life. Some of my strengths for this project was being able to remember what my house looks like exactly, and a weakness would be cutting out the windows, door and getting all the little details the right size. And if I could redue this assignment I would make sure that it was neater and more carefully completed.




Author: emmafentzblog

My name is Emma Fentz, I am a student at Noblesville High School and my I love building and sculpting with clay.

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