About me

My name is Emma Fentz, I am a Sophmore at Noblesville High School. I’m in a Photography 1 class and plan to continue into AP Photography through my Junior year. I enjoy photography and the other arts because of the creativity and freedom there is.


Throughout my first semester in photography class I have learned the techniques of close up and how it gives the picture a whole new meaning with lots of detail and personality. Ive also learned how brightness and contrast can effect the mood or tone of the photo changing how the aduiece views the photo. With what I’ve learned so far this year in photography I’ve realized that I am very interesting in nature and nature photography because some of my flower or nature photos turned out really nice compared to some other photos I have. Composition is the make up of a photo with multiple elements and principles that the photo holds. In my ISO and Lighting photoshoot I tried to get close to pictures and have a clear focus point on each photo so the viewer would not get distracted by anything else in the background. My favorite assignment so far this year would have to be the alphabet soup photoshoot which is where we took pictures of hidden letters in everyday objects, such as the top of a coffee cup for the letter O. Or an upside down candy cane for the letter J. On the other hand my least favorite assignment would have to be the Depth of Field photoshoot because it was the beginning of the year jumping in with a simple but challenging task. Throughout all the photoshoots and assignments, I’ve realized that I typically take pictures of things that I enjoy such as hobbies or interests as well as being outside and uncovering nature. My most successful project this semester would either be my color photoshoot where I had the color green or the Lighting and ISO photoshoot where I took pictures of night time, day time out in the sun and also pictures inside. This year I think I could say that I struggled the most with the aperature and shutter speed photoshoot because it was a lot to remember at once on my camera with a bunch of crazy control options. Before this year is over I really want to learn how to effectly use photoshop to edit my photos in more detail rather than only adjusting the brightness and contrast. I also want to learn how to use more of the controls on my camera and how it can inhance my pictures more.