ISO/ Lighting Photoshoot Reflection



From my ISO and Lighting photoshoot my favorite picture would have to be one of my indoor pictures of a small vase turned upside down with christmas lights inside of it. to take this picture I just used one of the setups in the back of my photography classroom and used the props I was given.


To make this image better I used getting close to pick up the details of the case and also focus point to get the camera and audience to focus on the lights and designs in the vase. I also used the elements of pattern and contrast between the lights and glass vase.


My subject matter, like I said previously, is a small glass vase that had christmas lights inside of it to make it glow and show all of the details the vase has. This image has my voice as an artist because it shows my favorite colors and I also love christmas and lights.


think that my strengths in this assignment would have to be getting some what of creative pictures and also getting a variety of pictures. but my weaknesses in this assignment would have to be getting used to the new camera controls and knowing exactly what brightness setting would be the best for either day time, indoors, and night time. If I could change one thing about this photoshoot I think that I would change the composition of my night time pictures and get new and more creative subject matters and also know how to use the night time lighting setting and high ISO better.


Shutter Speed/ Motion Photoshoot

From my Shutter Speed/ Motion Photoshoot my favorite photo was a picture of my neighbors dog wearing my older sisters black sunglasses. My neighbors were walking their dogs and my mom, older sister and I walked out and started talking to them, meanwhile my sister decided it would be a good idea to put her sunglasses on one of their dogs Cooper and take pictures of him and he was staying still and keeping them on surprisingly.

Throughout this photoshoot I used Getting Close and Point of Interest for my rules of composition to make my pictures more interesting. I used the element of Getting Close my getting down by the dogs face and on his level so the picture was more clear and focused on his face. And for Point of Interest, I got down on the gods level and mainly focused on his face because of his beautiful mixed eyes and also with the sunglasses on his face.

For my subject matter I decided to chose my neighbors dog, Cooper, because I thought that his eyes were a great focal point and it will draw the viewers eyes to his eyes and then across his face and then to the rest of his body. I incorporated my voice in my picture by showing how I love dogs and being outside and also socializing with my neighbors and family.

My strengths in this assignment would include the timing of the evening and the correct timing of the photo, but some weaknesses in this assignment that I had would include the controls of my camera, I had some trouble with the controls and what setting to be on and also how to successfully change the settings according to the timing of the day with the sun setting. And I’m not sure if I would really change anything about this picture, other than I wish the background was more blurred but other than that I was happy with the photo.


Depth of Field Photoshoot

My favorite photo from my Depth of Field Photoshoot has to be the picture of a straight shot down a street outside of my neighborhood. To set up my scene and take the photo I walked a little ways outside of my neighborhood and waited for a safe timeframe when there were no cars coming form either side and then I ran out into the middle of the street (not very safe) and lined my carmera up real quick and then snapped the picture and ran back to the side of the road.

To make my photo better I decided to use the elements of Leading lines and Close & Far. I used these principles to draw the viewers attention down the road and move all around the photo.

In this image I think that my voice in this image would represent where I live and also the fact that I run long distance and this is the type of place that I would love to run because it just keeps going. But sadly I haven’t run on this road even though its right outside my neighborhood because usually there can be a lot of groups of cars and its a pretty narrow road with no side banks or anything, so in other words its not safe at all. This assignment has helped me view the world around me differently because I’ve noticed that everything around me is beautiful and has a story.

My weaknesses in this assignment would be the fact that I, at first, didn’t understand the whole concept of Aperture and depth of field but now I do understand and know how to have a better great depth of field and also shallow depth of field too. If I could  change anything about this assignment I would change what time of the day I took this picture and also for some of my other great depth pictures I wish I would have taken different pictures than what I had already done.


(Original picture not this blurry, just had to screen shot)

Color Photoshoot Reflection

My favorite photo out of all of my pictures in my color composition photoshoot would have to be the green street sign. To take this picture I walked down the street of my neighborhood to one of the two codi-sacks to take the picture. Now to set up the photo I positioned myself so that the sun was just barley out of the photo so i would still get a little light and then I tried to raise my camera to get a clearer shot of the sign names and then I took the photo.

To make my image better I used leading lines and point of interest to the best of my ability to create a great and clear photo. I used leading lines by identifying first the pole holing the sign up and then the lines of both the signs facing different directions. Also I thought that having just the sign and a little bit of the pole with a clear blue backgroundwould create a perfect setting for point of interest.

For my subject matter, like I said above, is a street sign in my neighborhood. In my photo i incorporated my voice by including something that is in my neighborhood and a place that I know and grew up on. This assignment has helped me view the world differently because I now pay more attention to the different colors around me and if I concentrate on one color I will realize how much of that one color is around me all the time.

my strengths in this assignment would be finding my color because I had the color green which is a very easy color to find since its everywhere in nature, another strength would be that I live in an area that has a lot of nature and trees in my yard. But a weakness would be my creativity with a color that is literally everywhere outside. Something that I would have changed about this assignment would be my color that I got, honestly I would have loved to have a different color such as blue or maybe yellow.IMG_0050

Rules of Composition Photoshoot

My favorite photo from my Rules of Composition Photoshoot had to be my sunflower. To take the picture of the sunflower I just went to the garden in my backyard. Then to set up the scene and take the picture I just angled my camera so that I had no other distraction on the background except for the blue sky and other flowers in the foreground.

When using the Rules of Composition, I feel that it makes my pictures better because there is more of a focus and a clear point of interest that I want the viewer to see. For this photo I used the elements shape, color and a little texture and for the principles I used emphasis and pattern, from the flower petals.

Like I said above, I chose my subject matter to be a single sunflower against the blue sky. This assignment has helped me view the world differently by showing me how to focus on multiple variations of objects and how to properly and clearly show my visions and thoughts about the world through my photos.

With this assignment some of my strengths included having a sister who had already taken the class, a very nice Canon DSLR camera and also having taking photography in 4H for around 7 years now. But my weaknesses are that I have never really thought about encourpreting the elements and principles into my photography and just learning them this year. Another weakness is that I don’t completely know how to use my camera to it’s full potential so i dont know how to work the different settings yet but am still learning from my sister and teacher.


Expectations for Photography

I signed up for this class because I love participating in 4H photography, I want to learn more about my camera, and my older sister took the same class. By the end of the year I want to be able to use of have an idea of how to use photoshop, understand my camera more and know the elements and principles of photography to build better photos. As far as my future I plan to use photography as a hobby and possibly enter some photos into an art show maybe one day. because  I want to do something in the medical field instead. For me to be most successful this year I would like for my teacher to help me by showing me how to build excellent photos that capture the viewers attention.

3D Art Final

     During my freshman year in 3D art, I learned how to mold and make a pinch pot starting from just a simple, small, ball of clay. My inspiration for my pinch pot was a pig. I chose a pig because it reminded me of a piggy bank that you can put coins or other items in. Over all the bowl was not very big, but it was a perfect size with four little feet to hold him up and also little marks in the dark black skin, made from the technique of scriffito.

      Also in the clay unit of 3D art I was able to, and learned how to, make a clay whistle. And my clay whistle was inspired by the brown bear while also holding a bee hive. When creating my bear whistle I used the principles and elements of identity, shape, color and also form to bring my bear to life and make a beautiful deep sound. I used identity and shape to create the bears look and give him character, while form was used to create the whistle at first and then the bears body. And of course color was painting the bear and giving him a more defined life and characteristics. All of these elements and principles came and worked together perfectly to give this bear a personality and a beautiful sound to describe himself.

     Later on towards the end of the year, the class was given the opportunity of making a Viking Knit bracelet. I, of course, took up the offer and decided to try it out myself. My bracelet is made up of copper and silver wire all bent and Knit together with a few small pinkish beads to complete the look. And like I said previously, this bracelet is made completely of wire and metal with a few beads thrown in as well. This bracelet represents, to me, beauty, wealth, and importance. Which is exactly why I decided to give it to my mother on Mothers Day this year. Even though the bracelet is made of relatively thin metal, I still believe that the meaning will never change because I worked very hard on it to make it perfect for my mother.

     The last project that I have chosen to talk about and describe is one of my wood projects, in fact it was my final wood project. This project was over all a little challenging to make only because it took a lot of measuring and preciseness because each student was given only one board of thin wood to make their final project and no more. My final wood project was two decks of playing cards and the cards were moving/floating to the next pile. During this project I feel that my strengths were measuring and cutting the wood into similar pieces but getting all of the pieces exactly the same and also assembling them with hot glue was a challenge. And if I could go back to this assignment and or re-due it I think that I would chose a different topic or make something different than a bunch of cards because it was a little too simple for my liking personally.

     But looking back over this whole year in 3D art, I have loved all the projects, accept the wire unit, and had such a great time getting to use my imagination and just have fun with my friends in the class. In the future I am planning to take a couple more art classes mainly photography and AP photography because personally I have been doing photography outside of school for many, many years.